Feeding the Wolves

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not too long ago, when contemplating the causes of Islamofascist hostility to the West, I said the following:

Indeed, as many on the left claim, much of this violence is the fault of the West -- but not in the way they claim. The Islamofascists are not [justifiably] reacting to American "imperialism", but are simply following the malevolent dictates of their poisonous faith while living parasitically on the material bounty of Western civilization. Perversely, it is [those] who want us to protect the Moslems from themselves, who are acting to prolong the senseless religious bloodshed, by delaying or preventing a Western victory. In the latter case, this would be merely to forestall the human cataclysm that would be life "lived" fully in accordance with Islam. In putting off the inevitable, we only ensure that more people will live as slaves, suffer, or die because of Islam.
I furthermore have also remarked upon how foolish continued foreign aid to the "Palestinians" in particular is:
The consequence of simply giving loot to the ["Palestinians"] is that they never learn that money can also represent productive effort because they never have to put forth any such effort on their own in order to survive. Worse, being kept alive, they remain able to continue planning bombing raids on civilized Israel.
Well, there's nothing like hard numbers to back that up! This comes straight from an interview with the new finance minister of the PA:
How long can you survive if the sanctions continue? On our own, we bring in $15 to 20 million per month -- compared to a need of $160 million per month. Survival depends on how successful we are in bridging the gap. Clearly, you can't go long with 10 percent of what you need. That's all we have control over -- just 10 percent of our need. I'm a realist, and one cannot look at that as a sustainable situation.
As Judith Klinghoffer points out, this means that the PA is the "ultimate parasite entity". (She also notes that the EU "directly supports 30% of the Palestinian population".) And observe the implicit demand that we ignore everything -- except "need" -- with respect to the "Palestinians".

I'll say again what I said when I commented on Fatah gunmen who stormed PA offices and demanded jobs last year:
[The West's] continued policy of senseless self-sacrifice will no more save the ["Palestinians"] from themselves than will a government "job" make an honest man out of a gunman, and it endangers Israel itself in the bargain. For its own sake, and, accidentally, for the ["Palestinians"], Israel must stop insulating [them] from the consequences of their own barbarism.
Incredibly, letting the them starve is the among the most prudent and humane choices we have in this situation. More so is the fact that voicing this opinion would get you branded a monster in many circles.

Such is the perversity and dangerous power of altruism, the world's dominant moral code by far.

-- CAV

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