TOS has a gift shop!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Back in June, I blogged about the "Standard Bearer" subscription package offered by The Objective Standard and illustrated the post with an image of the handsome shirt being offered at the time as a give-away.

That drew a positive comment from one reader and made me wish that TOS had some kind of gift shop.

Well, now it does!

The initial selection includes the tee shirt I posted earlier and two others, one of them featuring a picture of the globe encircled by the words, "Exploit the Earth or die!" This same theme also occurs on the first TOS mug as shown on the right. (The other side is silk-screened with "The Objective Standard: A Journal of Culture and Politics" and "".)

Fire back with overwhelming intellectual force at the bumper sticker crowd -- by giving some publicity to your own views, getting the chance to expound on them in person should you draw a snide comment, and promoting a journal that espouses and defends the values of Western Civilization in the process. I love it!

-- CAV

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