Friday Four

Friday, February 01, 2013

1. Use your web browser to take notes with a single line of code in the address bar:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
Bookmark it for really easy note-taking in the future. Also several commenters at Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga's blog chimed in with some interesting variants on this idea.

2. My latest beer recommendation is Fade to Black, crafted by the Left Hand Brewing Company of Longmont, Colorado.
That time of year when the light fades away. Brewed for the darkness, Fade to Black speaks in volumes. Welcome to Volume 4, the Beer pours pitch black with an off white head. Citrus (bergamot) and roast dominates the nose. Slight sweet malt gets pushed back by initial citrusy hops followed by powerful Italian Amaro, gentian and hop bitterness. Finishing with a pleasant duality of dry roasted malts and hop bitterness.
The good news is that this is a really enjoyable beer. The bad is that, based on this description, it won't necessarily be produced again. Get it while you can, if you can!

3. My daughter's spoken vocabulary is growing so fast that it is becoming hard to keep track. On a daily basis, she surprises me with words I wasn't always sure she knew. A few from the past week that come to mind are: bow, boots, red, blue, green, white, wipe, and bread. Her pronunciations are not perfect and usually leave off final consonants. There are also a few letters she hasn't figured out how to say, most notably s.

That she could say "bread" was a big surprise since I don't particularly care for bread, and so almost never have it around the house, and certainly haven't been teaching her the word. A sitter who has worked in daycare  suggests that she learned the word there, from plastic food-shaped toys that are commonly used.

Also, two of her words seem to be shifting towards more general meanings. "Ka-ka", derived from chocolate, had meant something like chocolate-cookies-candy, but now also includes fruit. This seems to mean "something sweet". Likewise, she uses "hot-da" not just to mean hot dog, but also other meats that she likes, such as corned beef.

4. Over at The Futility Closet is a description of the world's largest privately-owned residential yacht. It begins:
The largest privately owned residential yacht on earth is The World, a private floating community conceived in 1997 by Norwegian shipping magnate Knut Kloster. The ship is owned jointly by its residents, 130 families from 19 countries, who spend an average of four months on board each year, and it circumnavigates the globe continuously on an itinerary that they choose.
The units sold out several years ago, but a there are a few are up for resale.

-- CAV

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