Friday Four

Friday, September 13, 2013

1. As a parent, I appreciate a reader's having tipped me off to this discussion of multimedia for children at Slate. Here's a sample:

[W]e need to talk about how the apps might be used. Are they nothing more than baby occupiers, or could they be conversation starters? And isn't it possible they could be baby occupiers at one point in the day and conversation starters another? It's this ratio between noninteraction and interaction that should be propelling debates over whether apps are helpful or harmful to babies. Let's focus on what fosters healthy interactions between babies and their caregivers -- whether an app is part of the picture or not.
Also, count me among those who think, "Here they go again," when some group of busybodies tries to interject themselves (and their ignorance and thinking errors) between me and making a decision about such matters. This goes for "educators" who think every child needs an iPad, too. How something is used is crucial to such decisions. This article is a breath of fresh air.

2. Here's an amusing example of something I have privately called "word inflation:
The shot has been tentatively approved as a potential final pending director's review. I think.
I also reminds me of a joke my fellow undergraduates and I were making during a break in our comprehensive senior exam. Include "Or not." at the end of each answer.

3. Not to be outdone by her little brother's first returning of smiles, my two-year-old daughter finally succeeded this week in delivering payload to target when "going potty". It was cute how proud she was of that, and how eager she was to tell Momma Van Horn about her feat.

4. Count me among Juergen Klinsmann's former skeptics:
Jürgen Klinsmann has now been completely vindicated. In mid-March, the Sporting News published a piece that called into question virtually everything about Klinsmann's tenure as USA head coach. Klinsmann was judged by former and current players to completely lack any tactical sense, to spend too much time on off-the-field efforts, and to change lineups too often.

Since then, the USA squad has won the Gold Cup, established a record for their longest-ever winning streak at twelve games, and now, earned qualification for the World Cup with two matches to go. Not only that, he's never lost to Mexico, with a draw and a win in the World Cup and the USA's first-ever win in Mexico City to his credit. [minor format edits, link dropped]
Actually, I changed my mind some time ago, during the Gold Cup, but this seems a good time to mention it.

Glad to be wrong!

More on USA 2-0 Mexico here.

-- CAV

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