Trump Reveals Opportunity for GOP

Monday, June 27, 2016

In "Open Letter to a Friendly Neighborhood Racist," Walter Hudson of PJ Media makes the following apt analogy regarding the relationship between Republicans and the so-called "alt-right":

Like the setting of a bone, discovering such vile views among people in my acquaintance hurts. But it also serves an essential purpose. The discourse stirred by the candidacy of Donald Trump has lifted a veil which had concealed an ugly truth. Alcoholics are told that the first step toward recovery is admitting their problem. The alt-right has confronted Republicans with ours. Now we have the opportunity to do something about it.
Republicans do have such an opportunity -- or did, until they capitulated to Donald Trump. (I will hold slightly more hope for them if, as a commenter recently offered, the party's "survival instinct ... kick[s] in" and there is a brokered convention.) Advocates of individual rights must fight on, whether or not the Republican Party survives what looks like might be a collapse -- or, worse, a complete transformation into a party hostile to the very concept.

And if that fight must continue outside any party, so be it.

-- CAV


Steve D said...

‘whereas you may, in point of fact, refuse co-operation, and thereby exert a tenfold influence on the destiny of parties.’

I believe this is an application of the Objectivist principle of the hierarchy of philosophical ideas; that ethical principles define political principles and therefore ethics can influence politics to a greater extent than just focusing on politics. It also suggests a specific strategy for Objectivists; hold back support as long as possible, offer it only after concessions are made and for the most part direct our votes to individuals (instead of parties) who offer support to liberty.

Incidentally it also suggests that remaining an independent will be useful at the very least symbolically.

That said, the Democrats are probably completely immune to any sort of moral persuasion these days and this strategy seems to require two political parties to play off against each other. Are you suggesting using the threat of supporting a third party to move the Republicans in the right direction? Is that the purpose of the Libertarian party? Merely a vehicle to put the fear of Ayn Rand into the Republicans? :)

Gus Van Horn said...


I regard sequestering votes in any third party (and I have other problems with the Libertarian Party on top of that) is a mistake.

Remaining an independent bloc of voters with a goal and a memory will at least put a fear of falling out of power into a politician, and for lots of them, that's the only fear they have.