Making Space Count

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Over at Unclutterer is a good post on learning how to function with a small kitchen. Having lived with a small, but very well-arranged kitchen myself for a few years in Boston, I think the tips and principles are worth considering even for larger kitchens. For example, consider the below list:

  1. Stack up, not out. Like me, you'll probably have more vertical space than horizontal.
  2. Store items near where they are used.
  3. Find things that work with your space, not against it. For example, a magnetic knife mount is much more efficient than a knife block when counter space is at a premium.
  4. Clean as you go. This is probably the best tip of the bunch. There just isn't room to make a big mess, so clean up as you work. [links omitted]
I figured out most of these and still use much of what I learned to this day, especially Item 2, since our refrigerator is on the small side. For example, I keep beer and soft drink cans in the bottom of the pantry, except for one or two beers in the fridge. (We just use ice in the soft drinks.)

A good general principle from the piece is that every item in the kitchen must earn its place there, based on one's priorities. Author David Caolo's most striking example is the microwave he got rid of, although that's something I regard as indispensable because saving time is a major priority for me. Whether you think you could make better use of your kitchen or could use some ideas for another cramped room, this piece will help you come up with the general principles you need, as well as a few specific ways of implementing them you might not otherwise have thought of.

-- CAV

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