Licensing vs. Free Speech Update

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The good news? Engineer Mats Järlström of Oregon, aided by the good folks of the Institute for Justice, has won a round of the litigation he has rightly pursued after officials of his state sued him for stating the truth without their permission. As noted here in April:

The state fined the man $500.00 -- while ignoring everything of substance he said about a traffic hazard he was trying to help a local traffic authority correct[.]
The better news is that this fight isn't over. According to the Washington Post:
Image of signal still being sent regarding freedom of speech, via Pixabay.
The state has already cut a check to Järlström for $500, but the traffic-camera saga is not over. Oregon wants the lawsuit thrown out, but Järlström and his attorneys from the Institute for Justice want the law itself declared unconstitutional. They say others have been improperly investigated and fined for protected speech.
My thanks and congratulations to Mr. Järlström and his legal team. May their further efforts successfully aid the cause of liberty.

-- CAV

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