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Friday, May 17, 2019

Notable Commentary

"As an overall principle, whenever 'somebody else' pays for your health care, inevitably 'somebody else' will decide what medical care you may (or may not) receive."

She based a crusade to change our lives on a "joke." Do we want her joking around with our ability to seek medical care? (Image via Wikipedia, public domain.)
-- Paul Hsieh, in "Health Care vs. Liberty in Singapore" at Forbes.

"Because the Fed operates according to a myth, it's crucial to know how that myth works in practice." -- Richard Salsman, in "Buffett Falsely Assumes the Phillips Curve Is True" at The Daily Capitalist.

"I was just banned for a month by Facebook for promoting my book, Peaceful Death Threats, which is filled with screenshots of rape threats and death threats made to me on Facebook by Muslims in response to my Mohammad cartoons..." -- Bosch Fawstin, in "If Facebook Were Actually Concerned With Violent and Dangerous People on Its Platform..." at FrontPage Magazine.

"The Ruling Elite designs and enforces but rarely experiences the regulations and taxes that close plants and chase jobs overseas." -- C. Bradley Thompson, in "Donald Trump and the Revolt of the Unseen" (2017) at The American Conservative.

"We must now carefully consider the possibility that there was, all along, more method and less madness in Trump's campaign than he was given credit for." -- C. Bradley Thompson, in "So Much Winning: How Trump Became President" (2017) at CRB Online.

-- CAV

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