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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Which historic figure is known for saying, "We owe to our Mother-Country the Duty of Subjects but will not pay her the Submission of Slaves"?

If you took the following behavior on the part of its administration as a hint, you would never guess that the below institution was named for him.

Under pressure from those who oppose American self-defense (i.e., Islamists and/or their sympathizers), and on a technicality (i.e., the GMU Objectivist Club failed to file requisite paperwork), GMU has cancelled John Lewis's talk "'No Substitute for Victory': The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism," which was scheduled for tonight (Wed., Mar. 28)
Those who would destroy our freedom or take our lives in the name of Islam certainly do not deserve the disgraceful subservience shown them by George Mason University, nor do they even deserve to be shown anything like the "duty of subjects". All they deserve is to be presented with the same choice we offered the belligerent Japanese during World War II: "Stop acting upon your evil ideology -- or die."

Although no institution is obligated to provide anyone with a forum to air his views, George Mason agreed to host this talk, then reneged at the last moment, thereby depriving John Lewis of the opportunity to make other arrangements in a timely fashion. In doing so, George Mason University has helped silence a patriot who wanted to speak his mind.

Given the value our Founding Fathers recognized in free public debate and the subject matter of this talk, it is a sacrilege that this school continues using the name of one of our Founders. Its administration has two honorable choices: to apologize and reschedule this event, or to change its name.

In any event, I will pay close attention to the outcome of this very disappointing turn of events. After all, as a future parent, I would owe it to my children to discourage them from attending such a school, and to urge anyone else I know who shares my love of country to do the same.

-- CAV

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