Other Writings


"Government Regulation of the Economy Is the 'Silent Killer'," Pajamas Media, October 15, 2010
"Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom: Welfare State Is Draw for Illegals," Pajamas Media, April 30, 2010
"On Boycotting Citgo: Re-Living the Carter Era -- with a Twist," Capitalism Magazine, October 7, 2006
"'Fairness' in Search Results?," Capitalism Magazine, June 7, 2006
"Standing up to Kelo; Surrendering to Jihad," Capitalism Magazine, March 11, 2006
"The 'Hate Crimes' Bandwagon," The Undercurrent, April 7, 2005


"Bubble Boy: Alan Greenspan's Rejection of Reason and Morality," The Objective Standard, Winter 2008-2009

Book Reviews

Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science, by Ian Plimer, The Objective Standard, Winter 2009-2010
Better Day Coming: Blacks and Equality, 1890-2000, by Adam Fairclough, The Objective Standard, Winter 2008-2009