Will Da Spire Inspire?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm paying for last night's impromptu "chewing " of Libertarianism, which I have sandwiched between two long days in the lab. In the meantime, I have also noticed that I neglected to draw your attention to this excellent post by Galileo on the proposed Chicago Spire.

So, in the name of counting two sheep killing two birds with one stone, ....

Let Chicago build the tallest building in the United States. Let Chicago again inspire New York as it did in the days of Louis Sullivan. Let it inspire New York to stand up and build the world's tallest buildings as the world's greatest city should!

That's my ode to Chicago, sung by a New Yorker.
An excerpt can't do it justice, but perhaps it will persuade you to stop by and read it all....


-- CAV

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