Friday, July 06, 2007

I am gone, but I shall return. The only questions are "When?" and "From which direction?"

I will be traveling from tomorrow morning until the afternoon of Monday, July 16. I am told that there will be broadband Internet access from my lodgings, but I won't really know until I am there. And even if I have broadband as I expect, blogging will probably be somewhat irregular.

So, it will either be irregular blogging or none until July 17. I'll see you then, if not much sooner!

Until then, whenever "then" turns out to be, take the opportunity to explore some of the fine blogs in my sidebar. I am told that I throw links around like croutons, but there's still too much good material there for me to do it justice....

-- CAV


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Gus Van Horn said...

Ah! The lone voice of reason in the wilderness!

On a more serious note: Thanks!