I will not submit.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six years ago, nineteen savages executed thousands of decent, civilized human beings in the name of a superstition known as Islam, and were celebrated the world over then and to this very day by many of their fellow Moslems all over the world.

We have obviously been in a state of war since that day, although this state has in fact existed for decades longer. This state of war continues to exist today, not because of any merit possessed by our foes, but through a lack of political, tactical, and military efficiency ultimately caused by our own cultural rot, which has been manifest ever since the attacks.

A people predominantly confident in their cultural superiority to primitive, malodorous, unkempt filth would not have a second thought about promising their extermination if its just demand for unconditional surrender were not met; would have ended all foreign aid to their state sponsors rather than airlift even more rations; and would have stated in no uncertain terms that totalitarian Islam is evil, and -- as motivator of our enemies -- must be eradicated from the face of the earth.

Last year, I described what that day was like for myself, and this year, Dan Edge and others have done the same. This year, after hearing about the petulant rantings of Osama bin Laden -- who resembles a brat muttering just loudly enough under his breath to almost provoke his parents more than anything else -- part of me almost doesn't wish to speak at all, lest I be misconstrued as engaging in some sort of undeserved dialog with that person.

Osama bin Laden and everyone who supports him are beyond the pale, and should never be addressed in words. They should be hunted down like the animals they are and the "prophet" they so admire was.

The only words that need be spoken of this are among ourselves, and these are the words of renewed commitment to the sacred cause of our own lives and happiness, of mutual encouragement, and of the profitable enterprise of exchanging and debating our ideas on how best to achieve our goals.

All of these things can be summed up in the words that appear, in the pig-tail like letters of Arabic, on a tee shirt pictured here (and for sale at this site): "I will not submit." In other words, "I will reject Islam."

I hear that Osama bin Laden has once again "invited" us to adopt his religion, which is to say, to celebrate with him the murders he committed. Which is also to say, to despise the one life and chance for happiness we have -- this one on earth. Which is to say, to betray our loved ones. Which is to say, to reject reason, the fundamental virtue of our great nation. Even he understands on some level how miserable Islam is. Why else would he feel the need to threaten people who do not accept his bill of goods?

Yes, thanks to Osama bin Laden, when I see pictures of large numbers of Moslems, the question often crosses my mind of where a "daisy cutter" is when you need one. And while I also certainly regard no fate as bad enough for him, I feel no need to heed him in any way save to render his efforts moot.

I say "I will not submit" out of no defiance of him. What is there to "defy" in a coward in a cave who owes his life to generations of corrupt intellectuals and politicians? Nor am I defying his imaginary friend, Allah. How can one "defy" something that is not real?

No. I say "I will not submit" for that holiest of reasons: Because I love my life on this earth, and the many wonderful people and things in it. And I recognize that to "live" my life in accordance with the arbitrary dictates of a religious authority would be worse than merely being dead.

-- CAV

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