Boarding Up

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike is currently forecast by the National Hurricane Center to hit a portion of the Texas coast just south of Houston-Galveston, where I am still located, as a major hurricane. The forecast is close to this area's "worst-case scenario".

That said, both the location of the hit and its intensity are far from certain, but the time for me to prepare to evacuate is now. If I do have to leave, I will head to a point north of town tonight or tomorrow morning, and what I do from there will depend on what, if anything, happens and how it affects me.

So I'm "boarding up" the blog for now...

I will be back as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the more lasting significance of this date is not lost on me: Today is the anniversary of what has so far turned out to be a significant new low in the passivity of Western Civilization in the face of savagery.

You can read my thoughts on this matter, as well as those of others who hope to change this situation for the better here.

-- CAV


Nicholas Provenzo said...

Wishing you and yours the best.

Stay safe,


Myrhaf said...

You're not in Boston?

Michael Gold said...

Good luck! Hope you stay safe and sound!! Looks like we're going to have 60 to 80 mph winds Saturday morning, with gusts of 105 mph. The fun starts Friday afternoon, with winds of 25 to 35 mph, and gusts of 55 mph, and will last until Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Gus Van Horn said...

Thank you for your good wishes! I evacuated further, to Mississippi, and i am fine.

As for Myrhaf's question, I am temporarily still in Houston, as I finish up a paper from my earlier research there and look for a job in Boston.

As I am doing the job search long-distance AND changing careers (either of which is hard by itself), this could be a protracted search. (Average is 4 months and I didn't really get started until June.)