The Anti-Mind Stench of myBO

Thursday, October 30, 2008

If you're tired of having a full head of hair, mosey on over to this -- oh, how shall I refer to it? -- this youth mobilization page of the Barack Obama Campaign and watch the video. If there's anything more annoying than clueless, indoctrinated children sanctimoniously parroting bromides about "educating" their parents on politics, I don't know what that is.

But I am a little concerned that we'll find out soon enough if their Pied Piper has his way. Be that as it may, the kid threatening to withhold future help with text messaging from his grandparents if he doesn't get his way takes the cake, but I really had to gut it out to get that far.

This page, about what the Obama Campaign calls "The Talk", is worth taking a look at as an example of just how low Obama is willing to stoop to get elected, not to mention how little confidence he must have in the merits of his positions as seen by the eyes of well-educated adults with some life experience under their belts. It should tell you something that he has this much contempt for your opinion, and this much determination to get elected anyway.

(Having said that, one could just as well say the same thing about John McCain, given his contempt for freedom of speech.)

At the same time, the advice of the Obama Campaign on how children can help him get elected is actually rather clever. And there's more of that on yet another youth mobilization page, "Kids for Obama". The kid's kit practically invites ridicule by having children set up "myBO" pages. But I'm obviously mean-spirited for pointing that out. Maybe that's part of the point.

It also gives me pause to consider that this is likely yet another taste of how Obama intends to govern. There will be no debate, but we will be hounded day in and day out about how "important" his agenda is. And Obama will be manipulating the guilt-strings from afar, equating his left-wing agenda with what our kids (or the disadvantaged) need by means of the widespread acceptance of altruism in our culture.

It is amazing to me how quickly some people turn their rational minds off after the first hint that their considered disagreement might be selfish! Obama clearly knows this and intends to use it. Too bad that selfishness is virtuous. America will need lots of it to survive the next few years regardless of who wins the Presidency.

On that score, these little political reeducation ambushes remind me of the following passage from We the Living, in which Irina considers why the communists constantly call on ordinary people to attend political meeting after political meeting:

Do you know what I believe? I believe they're doing it deliberately. They don't want us to think. That's why we have to work as we do. And because there's still time left after we've worked all day and stood in a few lines, we have the social activities to attend, and then the newspapers. Do you know that I almost got fired from the Club, last week? I was asked about the new oil wells near Baku and I didn't know a damn thing about them. Why should I know about the oil wells near Baku if I want to earn my millet drawing rotten posters? Why do I have to memorize newspapers like poems? Sure, I need the kerosene for the Primus. But does it mean that in order to have kerosene in order to cook millet, I have to know the name of every stinking worker in every stinking well where the kerosene comes from? Two hours a day of reading news of state construction for fifteen minutes of cooking on the Primus? (313) [bold added]
Obama may or may not hope to reeducate America in the same way that the communists ran Russia, or, God forbid, that Bill Ayers' Weather Underground has discussed (HT: Andy Clarkson and HBL), but he shares the same fundamental contempt for rational debate. The only questions, should he be elected, will be whether he will follow the implications of his statist philosophy that far, and, if so, whether he thinks he can get away with it.

Those of us who don't need spine transplants will have to fight hard and constantly to keep our next President in check. This is true no matter who wins, but it is easier to grasp with Obama.

-- CAV


Harold said...

Well, I think the key word here is contempt. The low regard in which he and many of his cothinkers hold Americans is very clear. Remember the guns and religion comment? Personally, I don't even think he was wrong about that, but it was a very telling moment.

I think another example of that is when they (he and Hillary) change their accents depending on their audience. Very condescending.

Gus Van Horn said...

I find it especially patronizing with southern accents. If there's one thing I learned growing up in Mississippi, it's that many in the Northeast, where both were educated, think we're idiots. (I have since been told by some friends who preceded me to Boston that that is definitely the case.)

I don't have much of a southern accent myself, but still....

Jim May said...

I am reminded of a scene in "1984" where one of the other people in Room 101 is Winston Smith's neighbor, who was turned in by his own kid for shouting "Down with Big Brother" in his sleep.

Re; southern accents, they are indeed part of a "stereotype of stupid" up in the northern parts, in particular Canada where I grew up. It took a pretty young redhead from Clemson to suddenly make me appreciate how musical it can be, on the right lips :)

Gus Van Horn said...

That makes sense, given how thin-skinned Obama seems to be and how brainwashed his most ardent supporters are.

There are many southern accents. Region and social class both can have influences.

Heh! Regarding the latter, you can reach a point of no return. For example, there is no adult woman pretty enough to make something like, "It done tumped over," appealing. At that point, one just thinks, "Hmmm! he sure was pretty until she opened her mouth!"

Matt said...

That was damn disgusting. My generation is going to destroy the world.

Gus Van Horn said...

Disgusting? Yes. Inevitable destruction? No.