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Friday, October 23, 2009

Today's post will deviate somewhat from my recent practice of making the Friday post about things I enjoy, in part due to an early dental appointment.

Reader Dismuke emails me a link to the following clip and notes:

It is pretty amazing when even other Leftists start to grasp the thuggish nature of the Obama Administration. All of the other television networks stood up against Obama's attempt to kick Fox out of the White House press pool. And that David Zurawick fellow interviewed in this clip - he used to work as the television critic of the old Dallas Times Herald during the 1980s and was and is a hardline Leftist. So when Obama has this man being critical, that is pretty bad. Of course, what all of them have in common is they, on some level, grasp that what is being attacked is the very basis of their livelihood and that efforts by Obama to do a Hugo Chavez on a major media outlet could end up biting them in a very big way[.]
That comes as both a relief and a pleasant surprise after I saw the Obama Administration singling out Fox News as somehow not really being a news organization a couple of times the other day -- and when not paying particularly close attention to the television set either time at that.

It's nice to see evidence that even among some on the left there is some appreciation of the danger posed by the Obama Administration and some resistance to same, although the very fact that there even is an "Executive Pay Czar" has, "You're next," written all over it. That said, just imagine what it would be like if the press were once again predominantly pro-individualist and pro-freedom.

Perhaps this wasn't such a big departure from my new Friday theme after all: I do enjoy good news. I also appreciate tips from readers, especially when I'm in a hurry. And, if the process I'm starting today goes well, I'll enjoy finally having an old, very troublesome injury repaired for good.

-- CAV


Rational Education said...


"Perhaps this wasn't such a big departure from my new Friday theme after all: I do enjoy good news."
I Agree....
and Amen.


Gus Van Horn said...

While it is not by design a weapon of the statists, the tsunami of bad news that is the Obama Administration can get one down, and today's being in a hurry and your comment have helped me identify explicitly WHY I have had an urge lately to do something to remind myself of better things.

So, thanks as always for your support and for helping me make that connection.

Joseph Kellard said...

If I recall correctly, didn't Obama during his campaign bar newspapers that didn’t endorse him from a plane where he was giving a press conference or press interviews? I forget the details exactly, but I do recall him banning such newspaper from his plane. That, too, was a harbinger of things to come.

Gus Van Horn said...


I vaguely recall something to that effect. Since that time, much of the press has been in the tank for him most of the time, but at least when the thuggery has become more obvious, there has been some resistance on the part of the media.

In addition, many in the media seem to appreciate the importance of not being "bailed out."

Obviously, this bears close watching...