9-4-10 Hodgepodge

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Look who's limiting language.

At The American Thinker, a theocrat dismisses many common political terms
(most notably "capitalism") as being mere "Sinisterist" drivel on the way to equating the fight for individual rights to a mere religious revival.

From the Vault

And speaking of theocracy vs. individual rights, I discussed an interesting illustration of the difference -- the "pulpit initiative" -- back in '08.

Why the bedbugs bite.

I recently saw a similar theory floated by an HBLer. It sounds quite plausible to me.

Yet another (not really) anti-Obama

An article at Pajamas Media floats Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour as the 2012 GOP candidate. This guy's a big government conservative at best.

-- CAV

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