Drowning in Law

Monday, October 11, 2010

Note: Posting may be light to absent over the next few days due to travel.


Via RealClear Politics, I have found a long, but very promising article about how regulations are thwarting American entrepreneurs:
Instead, the land of opportunity is more like legal quicksand. Small business owners face legal challenges at every step. Municipalities requires multiple and often nonsensical forms to do business. Labor laws expose them to legal threats by any disgruntled employee. Mandates to provide costly employment benefits impose high hurdles to hiring new employees. Well-meaning but impossibly complex laws impose requirements to prevent consumer fraud, provide disability access, prevent hiring illegal immigrants, display warnings and notices and prevent scores of other potential evils. The tax code is incomprehensible.

All of this requires legal and other overhead - costing 50% more per employee for small businesses than big businesses.
Sounds like a certain report I ran into not long ago is making the rounds...

-- CAV


Vigilis said...

"...the land of opportunity is more like legal quicksand."

My longstanding patience with a devil's/Rand's advocate has finally paid off as to agreement on this point, Gus.

Thank you for my belated elation!

Rebut as usual.

Gus Van Horn said...

You gloat, and yet I haven't budged an inch. This problem isn't, per your usual charge, all the fault of the legal profession. It's the fault of a voting public that imagines that the government can do its thinking and due diligence for it.

Illegitimate laws -- that is, laws which do not protect individual rights -- should be repealed. For that to occur, suspicion of paternalistic government must once again become the norm.