On the Mend

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The regulars here will doubtless wonder where I've been since Sunday night. I don't care to elaborate here, but I fell ill enough early Monday morning to warrant a hospital stay. I'm fine and my prognosis is excellent. On top of that, I now have a name for an old medical riddle of mine, and can rest easy with the knowledge that a far more serious condition has been ruled out.

I'm taking the rest of today off from the Internet, and plan to resume normal blogging and blogging-related activities tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

-- CAV

PS: My thanks for all the comments, emails, and calls wishing for my speedy recovery!


: Added PS.


Galileo Blogs said...

Get better, Gus.

Best wishes,


kelleyn said...

Glad everything turned out OK. Hope you stay well.

Gus Van Horn said...