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Saturday, April 02, 2011

An Inside Look at "Insider Trading"

A petroleum industry insider observes that "insider trading" laws not only interfere with freedom of trade (and, arguably, freedom of speech), but that they "solve" a "problem" that doesn't actually exist:

"[A]ll had access to the same detailed inside facts, but it was their independent judgement in not only analyzing that data but in integrating it with regard to other relevant markets that determined the winner in the betting pool. And similar to trades in stock, some with 'inside information' actually lost money."
Read the whole thing.

Weekend Reading

"The civilized West today is unjustifiably cowardly and guilt-ridden, while the Islamic radicals are certain, insane, evil, and dangerous; thus the former provides air cover, arms and moral sanction to the latter." -- Richard Salsman, in "The U.S. Arms Its Islamic Enemies -- Again" at Forbes

"The higher interest rates demanded by investors in economically unsound countries, known as bond 'vigilantism,' are simply a reality check." -- Jonathan Hoenig, in "Rate Spike Puts PIGS in 'Rollover' Moment" at SmartMoney

"The more you keep just for the sake of keeping, the more you become a slave to your things." -- Michael Hurd, in "Lose the Clutter!" at DrHurd.com

My Two Cents

Our move a couple of years ago from Houston to Boston meant a sharp reduction in living space: We went from a three bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment and had to get rid of lots of things. What really stood out to me was how many things we had that we didn't even know we had. For all practical purposes, then, having having too much "stuff" is not just inconvenient, but it's like not really having some of it at all, anyway. So, why not just get rid of things past a certain point as a matter of course?

Interestingly, I ran into a couple of clutter-related personal productivity posts this week. One pertains to how clutter distracts, and the other to how clutter can affect one's professional reputation.

Otis Spann

And speaking (still) of treasure buried in clutter...

On the heels of some spring cleaning, I found and finally listened to a CD a friend sent me some time back, Otis Spann Is the Blues. (Follow the Amazon link for samples of each track.) Good stuff!

-- CAV

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