An Original Technique?

Friday, April 29, 2011

This week, I randomly encountered a small slide show of stunning images created by German artist Simon Schubert, whose technique consists of folding paper. The text near the link that took me there led with a teaser about his technique, but there was no elaboration beyond the obvious. As you can see here, the images are impressive for the high level of detail Schubert achieves.

Information about the artist is almost as hard to come by as information about his technique. In the below excerpt, I quote almost everything of substance about Schubert from the Wikipedia entry about him:

Inspired by Surrealism as well as by Samuel Beckett, Schuberts works imagine architectonical settings, common situations and objects, whereas the material he uses are either simple or sophisticated - white paper folded or mixed media arrangements. Some of his paper foldings entered the West Collection, Oaks, PA, while the Saatchi Collection, London, owns sculptural works in mixed media. [footnote removed]
You can see many more such images at his website.

-- CAV

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