The Pan Am Effect

Thursday, October 13, 2011

At Agoraphilia, Glen Whitman discerns, in the attractive stewardesses of Pan American World Airways fame, a side-effect of yesteryear's government regulation of air travel.

Prior to airline deregulation, which was passed in 1978 and completed over the next few years, airfares had been set by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB). For many routes, those airfares were simply too high. As predicted by a simple supply-and-demand model, airlines were willing to offer more flights at these high prices than customers were willing to buy. Under normal market conditions, that would lead to falling prices. But since the airlines legally could not compete on price, they competed on quality instead. They offered better service, better food, and... wait for it... more attractive stewardesses.
With deregulation, it quickly became apparent that, "most people just wanted to get where they were going, fast and cheap," and so were not interested in paying extra for attractive flight attendants. Prices dropped and the appearance of flight attendants stopped being a selling point for airlines. The result was that the number of people flying at least once a year grew faster than the population, and numerous opportunities for work as flight attendants (beautiful or not) opened up.

Even when some improper government regulation appears to improve our lives in some small way, considering the larger picture (and conceptualizing the unseen side-effects) will inevitably show that the price for that apparent improvement is too high.

-- CAV

Update: Megan McArdle makes some pretty good arguments to the effect that other regulations, and not deregulation, may be to blame for this phenomenon.

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