What OWS "Victory" Looks Like

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Not long ago, I noticed a headline at Slate that asked, "Did Occupiers Just Beat Bank of America?" From the link, it would appear that Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) thinks so:

Is this the first popular victory for Occupy Wall Street? The first politician who hinted as much was (get ready for a shock) Sen. Bernie Sanders, who went to the floor of the Senate to congratulate the "American people" for beating the bank.
Since socialists are so fond of claiming to be champions of "the people", let's take a closer look, courtesy of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, at the spoils of this victory. The CEI elaborates further on each of the below:
  • Free checking is becoming harder to get.
  • Debit card rewards programs are going by the wayside.
  • Banks are closing or laying off employees across the country.
  • Higher prices are being charged for some low-priced goods.
When the government makes doing business more expensive, such as by the Durbin Amendment, a business must either pass along this added expense, or eliminate other expenses. Since debit card usage fees are so unpopular, the above is what we're getting, instead. Too bad the government calling all the shots, for everything, all the time, isn't loathed half as much.

So, if you find yourself getting nickeled-and-dimed to death, or someone you care about suddenly looking for work, don't forget to thank Congress, your local squatter camp, and anyone who expresses a shred of sympathy for this mindless cause.

-- CAV

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