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Thursday, October 11, 2012

This morning, I learned about an amusing and very creative bit of entrepreneurship on the part of a couple of college students facing ridiculous amounts of student loan debt. They decided to sell advertising space on their own faces. From the FAQ section of their web site,

Picture two financially crippled university students. Having lived like metaphorical kings for the last three years, they are sucker punched by the cruel hard fist of the real world™. Now, scared, desperate and confused, they do what they swore they never would, and begin selling their bodies to anyone willing to pay.

Now, throw some paint into the mix and you get BuyMyFace! For the next year, we (Ross & Ed) are selling advertising space on our faces to pay off our student debt, and demonstrate that, with a bit of creativity and a twinkle in your eye, you can beat the current job climate.

For the next 366 days, our faces are your faces. Buy a day, upload an image (or text), and we'll display it on our faces for the whole world to see.
The two completely paid off their combined $80,000 student debt in less than a year.

-- CAV

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