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Saturday, November 17, 2012

(Yet )A(nother) Prohibition Trial Balloon

The left, with its altruist morality and collectivist politics, doesn't differ one jot from the worst theocrats. Leftists may look superficially different since they still occasionally praise reason and often pretend that objectivity (usually in the form of science) is on their side. Here's an example, in the form of an article titled "Booze Calories Nearly Equal Soda's for US Adults ":

In September, New York City approved an unprecedented measure cracking down on giant sodas, those bigger than 16 ounces, or half a liter. It will take effect in March and bans sales of drinks that large at restaurants, cafeterias and concession stands.

Should New York officials now start cracking down on tall-boy beers and monster margaritas?
Set aside the absurdity of using statistical averages of behavior and of measures of individual health as the basis for some third party to dictate what individuals should consume. Even if, contrary to one expert cited in the article, alcohol were a "key driver" of the "obesity epidemic", that fact would not justify the government regulating, rationing, or banning the sale of alcohol any more than the rantings of a backwoods preacher. You and I should be free to make our own dietary decisions, and I and you should be free from the financial consequences of any bad choices the other makes.

The real question is this: "Shouldn't New York voters start demanding that their officials leave them free to be the judges of whether to ingest something?"

Weekend Reading

"It's hard enough to do things for yourself and those important to you, much less worry about what everybody else thinks." -- Michael Hurd, in "Twelve Steps to Less Stress" at The Delaware Coast Press

"[I]t's not fashionable to hold individuals responsible for the improvement of their own psyches. But it's actually more respectful and dignified to do that very thing." -- Michael Hurd, in "The Power of Reason" at The Delaware Wave

"Even President Obama has recently acknowledged that 'there is not evidence that having Glass-Steagall in place would somehow change the dynamic.'" -- Yaron Brook and Don Watkins, in "Why the Glass-Steagall Myth Persists" at Forbes

"For other types of insurance, I have much more control over the coverage I judge best for my individual situation." -- Rituparna Basu, in "I'll Buy My Own Contraception, Thanks" at Townhall

"Tactically, November 6 was a draw. Strategically, it was a clear and decisive victory for the right." -- Wendy Milling, in "Real Lessons for for the Republicans from the 11/6 Elections" at Forbes

"It was Greek ideas--not their demographics--that counted (and it's to the Romans' ever-lasting credit that they adopted better ideas when they encountered them)." -- Amit Ghate, in "Does Immigration Actually Threaten American Culture?" at Forbes

"Physicians will face significant conflicts-of-interest when their patients might benefit from treatments outside the guidelines, but the physician risks nonpayment (or losing his ACO contract) as a result." -- Paul Hsieh, in "Five Ways to Protect Yourself Against ObamaCare" at Forbes

My Two Cents

I regard Wendy Milling's assessment of this last election as required reading for anyone who was disappointed by its outcome.

Quote of the Day

"You have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself" - Miles Davis (via a very inspirational post on creativity by Scott Berkun)


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