Friday Four

Friday, March 22, 2013

1. An entry in my Beer-a-Day calendar informed me about a month ago that the strongest beer ever made was "The End of History", crafted by Brew Dog in the U.K.

This blond Belgian ale is infused with nettles from the Scottish Highlands and Fresh juniper berries. Only 12 bottles have been made and each comes with its own certificate and is presented in a stuffed stoat or grey squirrel. The striking packaging was created by a very talented taxidermist ... This release is a limited run of 11 bottles, 7 stoats and 4 grey squirrels. Each ones comes with its own certificate of authenticity.
Its ABV is a hefty 55%. The brewers do make and sell another strong brew, 32% "Tactical Nuclear Penguin".

2. Via Futility Closet comes the following haiku-limerick hybrid, by Doug Holyman:
There was a young man from Honshu
Who tried limericks in haiku,
3. It probably isn't the first time she has answered a non-yes-no question, but I had one of those minor "Wow!" moments that are a perk of parenthood yesterday. As we were leaving the St. Louis Children's Museum "Magic House" to pick Momma Van Horn up from work, I asked Pumpkin if she needed anything. At first, she shook her head, but then she said, "Pouch."

So I fed her and then we took off. Then I smiled when I realized that we were yet another step closer to being able to converse.

4. If your're tired of your usual coffee house, Martin Shen offers an interesting list of alternative places to get work done. His last suggestion is a just little bit out of my current time- and money- budget ranges, though, and he forgot to mention pubs.

Regarding pubs, I've done this a few times, usually when Arsenal have played on weekdays (in the afternoon, my time). I personally find pubs okay only for things that can be done in short bursts or that do not require intense focus.

-- CAV

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