6-15-13 Weekend Reading

Saturday, June 15, 2013

"It's not QEs that are keeping T-Bond yields down but rather the Fed's ZIRP (zero-interest-rate-policy), which invites bond traders to profit by borrowing cheaply in the short term and investing longer term at higher yields." -- Richard Salsman, in "The Fed's QE Schemes have Raised, not Lowered, T-Bond Yields" at Forbes

"There's a difference between abandoning what's important simply because the going gets tough, versus realizing that what you're seeking just isn't going to happen." -- Michael Hurd, in "'Don't be a Quitter' -- Valid or Not?" at DrHurd.com

"[I]n many states a microbrewer is forced to use a third-party distributor to take a few cases of beer to a convenience store down the street..." -- Doug Altner, in "Why Delivering Beer Isn't Easy" at Politix

-- CAV


mtnrunner2 said...

Glad you mentioned Dr. Hurd, I'll have to look into his stuff in more depth.

Quitting is a huge issue in ultrarunning and other endurance sports, something I am an intrigued digital spectator of (although I do put in some mileage myself). I cringe at some of the things people do to finish races at all costs, to avoid the dreaded DNF (Did Not Finish).

A further complication in a race is the limited time to make a decision, and the eroded mental state people find themselves in late in an endurance event. That's why people bring a crew and why they have medical personnel on hand.

Don't get me started about alcohol laws, but I put in a supportive comment on that post. And you might think with a brewer for a governor in CO we'd be better off, but no. At least we can buy the stuff...

Gus Van Horn said...

Hurd is fantastic. I have learned an enormous amount from his psychological insights and admire his ability to produce two columns a week as the norm.