Friday Four

Friday, June 21, 2013

 1. My wife went through lots of Greek-style yogurt during each of her pregnancies. I wasn't a fan, as I found its odor to be ... unappetizing. In fact, on several occasions, upon entering a room where, unknown to me, she was eating some of this, I thought it might be time to change our daughter's diaper. Then one day I tried it out of curiosity. Now, I often have some as part of breakfast.

As a bonus, it is interesting to read about the rise of Chobani from nothing to leading national brand.

2. I usually put our daughter in a diaper and pajamas after her bath, but my sister-in-law often lets hers run around naked afterwards. They were visiting this week and, after the two two-year-olds had had their second bath together in our large tub, my daughter wanted to do this. She had skipped her nap that day, and so was extra cranky. "I want to go naked!" she said to me, crying. This was so cute I went ahead and let her.

More baby-talk fun came when I was snacking on some pork rinds by the grill yesterday. I let her taste some a few months ago, but the spices put her off. On a later occasion, I offered her one, and she demurred, but decided to call them, "Daddy fries". I loved it, and so, yesterday,  I asked her in front of company what I was eating. "Pork rinds," she said. This wasn't the particular cute answer I thought I'd get, but it was correct, and I didn't think she knew it!

3. We never signed up, but each week, we get a copy of the West End Word tossed into our yard. I had Pumpkin pick it up for me a few days ago. The next day, I pulled it out of its plastic sleeve and asked her what it was. I expected to hear, "book", which seems to be her generic term for "something with writing on it", but got "mail". That's a pretty clever guess, coming from someone who is just shy of two.

4. Have scientists made a significant advance against the problem of infectious bacteria acquiring antibiotic resistance? I sure hope so.

-- CAV

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