Mincing Passes for Swaggering

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dick Morris praises the French, of all nations, for standing up to Iran and managing, in the process, to slow down the manufacture of its first nuclear weapon.

But for the objections of the newly stand-up French, led by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, the 5+1 talks would have led to an abject surrender to Iran, allowing the terrorist-state to continue to build a plutonium plant and to freeze its uranium enrichment centrifuges just one notch below bomb-level.

A plutonium plant can produce enough fissionable material to make a bomb very quickly. And uranium, when enriched to 20%, can be further enriched to 90% -- bomb grade -- in a few weeks.
Oh, and its economy would have gotten an infusion of cash equivalent to about four percent of its GDP.

There is much grave news in the Morris piece, in the vein of  specifics regarding how close Iran is to building the bomb, and how happy the Obama Administration apparently is to help them get there. However, the most alarming news is the column itself, which exemplifies the moral cowardice of the West. Does Morris think that negotiating with terrorists will actually accomplish anything -- or does he regard them having nuclear weapons later rather than sooner as inevitable or, somehow, at least a good thing? (We can hope his whole piece was ironic, I suppose.)

There was a time when the obvious solution to this non-dilemma would have been implemented without one trace of guilt: the speedy air delivery of as many expertly-assembled nuclear weapons to Iran as necessary to prevent it from getting its filthy hands on a single unexploded bomb of its own at all. You want nukes? Have them.

By coincidence, I happened to listen to a short, but very relevant podcast yesterday, in which Yaron Brook of ARI explains the actual motives of the jihadist atrocities of September 11, 2001. If you have the time, I recommend reading the Morris piece, and then listening to the podcast. You will see that Brook is spot-on: the stench of moral cowardice coming from the West is so strong that even unwashed barbarians like the jihadists can smell it.

-- CAV


Anonymous said...

Hi Gus,
Thanks for posting Morris and drawing my attention to Yaron Brook's podcast.

This president has had so many "Munich" moments, that it passes comprehension that it is mere happenstance or ignorance. I believe that it is ideologically driven malice and envy. A man who has never built anything in his life finds solace in the rhetoric of "You didn't build that." The irony is that he even had to steal that meme from one of his fellow ideologues.

Would that he and his fellow travelers alone could reap the consequences of their actions. And yet, as a person, Obama is so feckless that one wonders if he is the personification of Mr. Thompson, Rand's Head of State in Atlas Shrugged which she described [paraphrase] as the zero point where opposing forces came together.

c. andrew

Gus Van Horn said...


Regarding BHO, I think he HAS to be both hostile and feckless. To have strong emotions (aside from anger or fear -- which our vestiges of civilization require carefully hiding or disguising) with any consistency requires a consistent pro-value orientation. The alleged values of the left do not form a basis, as often as they require self-denial, for forming such an orientation.

This is why the only strong emotion you get out of him is the occasional off-guard bit of petulance.