Friday Four

Friday, December 06, 2013

1. Will GMail soon be easy to export? Actually, it already is, because it can be accessed by standard mail protocols. This fact has allowed me to use getmail to back mine up weekly for well over a year.

At any rate, Google has announced the gradual rollout of a new feature that will make it easy to export email and calendar data. Interestingly, the announcement also mentions that this new feature will permit easy migration to other email services. If this new feature comes at the expense of GMail no longer behaving like regular email under the hood, I'll take the hints and switch.

2. We took the kids to see Santa yesterday evening. Pumpkin, who was terrified of Kris Kringle last year, had no trouble marching right up to the Big Man and asking for a "kitchen" this year. She was also a big help when we were getting pictures and having trouble getting her baby brother to smile. He usually smiles upon first seeing her, and often laughs at her antics. So when three adults failed to get anything more than a fleeting smile out of the boy, I put her to work.

We now have a picture of Santa and our smiling baby boy.

3. Can an elite rugby player hack it in the NFL? The Indianapolis Colts are in the process of finding out:

Now the experiment has yielded a very tangible result. [Kenyan-born Daniel] Adongo isn't yet ready to square off against veteran offensive tackles, coming off the edge to chase quarterbacks. Given the rate he's developing, that day probably will come. But for now, special teams are the perfect fit for Adongo. That's the closest thing to performing rugby tasks on the gridiron, with a single ball handler to be tackled and fewer moving parts. His speed will be an asset there, enabling him to cover a lot of ground in short order.
The transition makes sense in many respects, but has nonetheless required an impressive amount of hard work on Adongo's part.

4. File this one under comedy and "I'm married, not dead." I ran into an old LA Times blog posting that asked whether Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan on Mad Men is "too plump for primetime".

Uhhh ... No.

-- CAV


Snedcat said...

Yo, Gus, you write: "I ran into an old LA Times blog posting that asked whether Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan on Mad Men is "too plump for primetime". --Uhhh ... No."

Heh! Indeed. In that respect, primetime is a parade of clothes horses chosen for their stick figures, not as a fit representation of female health. Apart from that, I'll just say that she was definitely among the finest highlights of Firefly, which had many highlights. And since this is not the Onion AV Club commentariat, where catcalls and boorish behavior are not only acceptable but strongly encouraged so long as they are cast in an suitably ironic cast, I'll just say she seems like a fine woman, though I haven't paid that much attention to her outside her acting work.

Gus Van Horn said...


She certainly has to have a strong independent streak, given the relentless pressure to obliterate any trace of a curve that modern actresses face.