Friday Four

Friday, January 31, 2014

1. Tom Bowden of the Ayn Rand Institute makes the following incisive observation regarding a recent remark made by a meddlesome politician:

What buoys my spirits is not only that the proponents of big government recognize Rand as their enemy, but also that they realize it's too late to exclude her ideas from the debate. Too many millions of people are aware, on some level, that Atlas Shrugged offers a real alternative to the stale pseudo-choices offered by the two major parties. [bold added]
This gives me the urge to smirk and say, "Amen!"

2. My daughter, having observed me fix some of her toys, broke in her new toolbox by pretending her toy laptop was my "becuter" and fixing it. She pronounces many multisyllabic words quite well, so I can only speculate that she has picked up this cute -- hah! -- mispronunciation at daycare.

Oh, and she got her first Big Girl haircut yesterday.

3. As I've noted, my football-watching has dropped off precipitously with fatherhood: I think my total NFL viewing time was about a quarter of the Super Bowl last year. It will likely be about the same this year. Nevertheless, I still manage to follow things enough to appreciate the creative way Boeing got behind the Seattle Seahawks as "twelfth man".

4. If you have had your camera stolen, there is a web site that uses metadata from any picture you have taken with it to help you locate it.

-- CAV

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