Will GOP Waste 100 Million Votes?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Writing for Commentary, Peter Wehner argues that a repeal of ObamaCare is a realistic scenario, quoting extensively from Avik Roy of Forbes, including the following:

... With about ten weeks left in this year's enrollment period, we're looking at a coverage expansion of less than a million.

Remember also that as many as 100 million previously insured Americans will endure higher premiums--and higher taxes--under Obamacare. The political constituency of the newly insured could be dwarfed by the political constituency of those harmed by the law. If that turns out to be the case, President Obama's signature legislation may not be long for this world. [link dropped]
I have noted others making such optimistic forecasts twice here already, but the same caveats apply. Unless the altruistic moral basis of this fiasco is widely examined and found wanting -- and if the GOP simply offers a more "competent" version of the same wrong and inherently broken thing -- we will miss a golden opportunity to start rolling back the entitlement state once and for all.

-- CAV


Michael Neibel said...

Unfortunately, Republicans share the same altruistic moral code of the Democrats and can't challenge them on moral grounds. Only Objectivists and maybe a few libertarians can do that. I think we all need to be more aggressive in promoting rational self interest.

Gus Van Horn said...