Warmist Eugenics

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Quick! What would you do, as a member of the multiculturalist left, if you wanted to misuse the government to solve a crisis that exists only in your imagination?

Perhaps you'd get members of a few select cultures -- it would be offensive to call them "inferior" for wanting to use fuel or feed themselves -- to curtail their own inconvenient breeding:

But there's been little or no funding for such programs, and the discussions tend to stall before getting into meaty policy. And despite the United Nations holding a special session on population and development a day before its September climate-change summit, academics lamented a lack of cross talk.

Why? Talking about population control requires walking a tightrope: There's nuance between encouraging access to birth control and a China-style one-child policy, but that doesn't always translate in the retelling, and it can all too easily sound like a developed world leader telling people in the developing world that they should stop having children--especially because much of the population boom is coming from regions like sub-Saharan Africa. [link in original]
There's no "nuance" when there's a government gun behind the plan. The only "nuance" here is in the now-commonplace misuse of the word "access". They're calling it "'access' to birth control", but what they really mean is, "access to your wallet for the purposes of funding a covert eugenics scheme".

-- CAV

P.S. I thought I posted this nearly twelve hours ago. Glitch or mental lapse, here it is at last!

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