Dietary Lysenkoism

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

It's bad enough that the government is so entrenched as a substitute brain for so many that nobody bats an eye at its constant dietary hectoring or its improper regulatory powers. On top of that, even when officials make an honest effort to set objective standards, they have been and will be thwarted by the shakiness of dietary science. But now, all bets are off as far as taking anything the government says seriously about nutrition is concerned:

"Moving forward, we hope the agencies will continue to focus on the clear science highlighting the wide variety of nutrition benefits of all meat and poultry products to develop a Dietary Guidelines for Americans best suited to achieve healthy outcomes for all Americans," Barry Carpenter, president and chief executive of the North American Meat Institute, said in a statement.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee had recommended in February that Americans be kinder to the environment by eating more foods derived from plants and fewer that come from animals. Red meat was deemed particularly harmful because of the amount of land and feed required in its production. [bold added, link dropped]
So much for your health being a government standard for nutritional choices.

Call it dietary Lysenkoism, if you will. The meat industry may have stopped some nonsense this time, but it is now inarguable that, when you hear the government touting nutritional advice, your health is not the top priority. Any advice will be good by accident at best.

Draw your own conclusions.

-- CAV

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