11-28-15 Weekend Reading

Saturday, November 28, 2015

"Shutting down coal power will make electricity more expensive and threaten human health, while the impact on mercury exposure would be so small that it will have no observable effect." -- Alex Epstein, in "The Truth About Coal and Mercury" at Forbes

"If somebody is not open to reason or discussion on a certain subject, then accept this fact and move on." -- Michael Hurd, in "Love an Actual Person, Not a Potential Person" at The Delaware Wave

"[T]he reality is that restricting fossil fuels, which provide 82 percent of Texas’ electricity, means abandoning the energy source that helped make the 21st century the best time in human history to be alive -- not just in America but around the world." -- Alex Epstein, in "As Conference on Climate Change Convenes in Paris, Think Twice Before Condemning Fossil Fuels " at The Waco Tribune

-- CAV

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