Prepare to Be Sick

Thursday, November 12, 2015

How's that for a provocative title to post on a mundane topic?

Unclutterer reminds me that, on top of having to fix all sorts of post-move annoyances, I need to get on top of preparing for the inevitable sick days that come with autumn and children.

Keep a list of telephone numbers on your phone but also in a handy binder or taped to the inside of a kitchen cabinet or on the refrigerator for their pediatrician and the local pharmacy. You'll also want the number for their school's attendance call line and any child care providers. (For adults, it's also good to have your doctor's number and your boss' number in the same location so it's just as simple to retrieve.)
Oof! We had to move in a hurry, so I still need to find some of these. Fortunately, I have been taking everything about the move down in an org file, so this will simply serve as a reminder, once I have everything, to print out this part of my "Baltimove" project list. For now, that list is the list, as incomplete and mutable as it is at the moment. And, now that I consider it, I'll add a calendar reminder to check and update the printed lists a couple of times a year.

But, back to the post. Both moving and sick days annoy me due to the potential for lots of unplanned, time-eating errands and looking-for-things. Planning ahead is a great way to prevent at least some of these annoyances and get back to business, including the business of relaxing to get well, or helping someone else do so.

-- CAV

P.S. As of writing, there is a single (but worthwhile) comment on the Unclutterer post, and a link to a list of "10 Sick Kit 'Must Have' Supplies." Both are worth perusal.

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