Friday Four

Friday, January 29, 2016

1. A few months ago, I considered the idea that, if the standing desk fad died down, sit-stand desks might become cheap as demand went off a cliff. That hasn't happened, but with demand remaining strong, IKEA has sensed an opportunity and started making sit-stand desks for $200-300. From a short-term review of the SKARSTA:

Overall, the SKARSTA meets expectations. I would recommend it if you want an adjustable-height desk and only want to spend $230. I would not recommend it if you're very tall and want to use this desk near its maximum 47-inch height, or if you need an absolutely rock-solid desk that doesn't sway at all. If your desired surface height is around 41 inches (or lower), you'll probably be happy.

Eventually I'll post a long-term review, but if you are reading this, I've had no issues using this desk daily since January 2016.
With some rearranging, I could make this fit into our home office, but I remain very backlogged from our move and am in no hurry. At the rate things are going, I may well even have the benefit of the long-term review before I get around to it.

2. At the start of two days' worth of digging out of the snow -- with frequent breaks, of course! -- I noticed a trail of bird footprints on our snow-dusted doorstep.
Here's a photo.

"But Gus, you're a fan of technology," I can almost hear you ask. "Why didn't you get a snow blower?" I wanted one, and already knew what I wanted after asking a knowledgeable friend for advice, but in the days before the storm hit, I had to take care of our son, who had come down with a stomach bug. By the time he was well, it was the day before the storm and blowers were nowhere to be found.

3. If you were wondering why Rick Santorum is still in the race for the GOP nomination, the Onion has you covered:
Expressing frustration that he had yet to receive any divine counsel on the matter, former Senator Rick Santorum told reporters Friday that he was still waiting for the go-ahead from God to suspend his presidential campaign.
Vox populi, vox dei, Richarde.

4. The home office I mentioned earlier lacks a door on one entrance, a situation I remedied with a baby gate. One day, I forgot to close it only for my son, whose sense of order is apparently stronger than his curiosity, to find it open and alert me to the problem. He tugged me over to the room and pointed to the gate, obviously wanting me to close it. Anything you want, Little Man!

-- CAV


Anonymous said...

Hi Gus,

If you're looking for small upgrade of your shoveling capacity, take a look at this innovation.

HT: InstaPundit

c andrew

Gus Van Horn said...


That's interesting. Saving your back is a big deal, and, along those lines, I have a shovel with a bent handle that allows me much the same type of motion.