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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Walden Redux

A post at The Unclutterer stressing the difference between "minimalism" and being organized reminds me of Henry David Thoreau's famous book and why both annoy me. Jeri Dansky quotes someone who does not want to be encumbered by lots of personal possessions. (I have no idea whether the author regards himself as a "minimalist.")

I live in a little pre-furnished apartment with no stuff, and I love it this way. I have no books, knicknacks, decorations, and really no personal items at all. Just some minimal clothing, my laptop, headphones, and not much else. All the kitchenware and furniture just came with the place, and will stay here when I leave.
Although devoid of moral preening, this reminded me of the list of items that Mr. Self-Reliance purchased from a store before moving to his cabin. (Note that I regard genuine self-reliance as a virtue. Pretending that modern conveniences detract from self-reliance is not the same thing.)

I have zero patience for asceticism and less for people who mouth ascetic pieties while "indulging" in the very necessities they decry. Self-denial (within arbitrary limits or not) is not the same thing as self-reliance. And nothing, be it material possessions or a lack thereof, has any intrinsic moral value. I, too, am someone who finds having lots of "stuff" burdensome, especially if it is poorly organized. But I would never describe myself as "non-materialistic" because nothing is good or bad without reference to the purpose it serves in one's life.

Weekend Reading

"The point is to replace the worry with action." -- Michael Hurd, in "What, Me Worry?" at The Delaware Wave

"The antidote to all this lemming-think is simple: Objectivity." -- Michael Hurd, in "Why People Become 'People Pleasers'" at The Delaware Coast Press

"Psychologically healthy people love liberty and yearn for justice." -- Michael Hurd, in "Trump's Anger Is Not the Answer" at Newsmax

What Color Is the Lining to Your Parachute? Silver.

From the end of a list of unmistakable signs your boss has low self-esteem:
There is a bright side to getting the cold shoulder from your boss, however; once you've had the experience, you'll spot the warning signs more easily the next time. Take the learning and go -- because only the people who get you, deserve you!
That said, I think many people would be better off having read the article first.

-- CAV

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