The Price of the Wrong Job

Thursday, March 24, 2016

From Money comes one of the best "listicles" I've seen in a long time, titled "6 Ways That Job You Hate Keeps You Poor." Its subtitle essentializes its points quite well -- "It's a constant punishment that requires a constant reward." -- but each point is worth pondering on its own. For example:

Even a job you hate has a way of consuming your day. It's nearly impossible to find time to explore higher paying opportunities, invest in your education, network with other professionals, or properly plan for the future. In the end, what keeps you busy can easily keep you stuck.
This reminds me of a common bit of wisdom about fighting a war: Make sure your enemy has to worry a lot about basic necessities.

The article offers ways to mitigate each problem, but its overall message is clear: You need to get out! (For the above, there is a link to eight ways to take a break at work and still look busy.)

Another thought I had about this piece is that it can be worth applying to other similar situations, such as bad relationships. One can do this either to motivate oneself to move on, or, in hindsight, to really appreciate the opportunity the end of the situation represents, particularly if it did not end in the best way.

-- CAV

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