A Zero in Search of Reification

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last week, Craig Biddle of The Objective Standard asked, "Which Ayn Rand Villain is Donald Trump?" Tuesday, Robert Tracinski gave his answer in The Federalist, in the form of a piece titled, "Donald Trump Is an Ayn Rand Villain," (HT: Steve D.) of which I will quote the beginning:

So Donald Trump says he's an Ayn Rand fan. That has about as much credibility as every other claim Trump makes about himself.
... and the end:
Trump is a guy who says he doesn't care what other people think, then goes on to obsess endlessly about what other people think. He's exactly the sort of person who would want you to think he's an Ayn Rand fan, while he really acts like one of her villains.
To find out which villain, and to have a good laugh at the deserved expense of the blustering cipher, read the whole thing.

-- CAV

P.S. Composing this on my phone while on a train, I saw that my spell checker changed The Donald's last name to "Dunno." That seems about right.

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