Grandstanding Isn't Opposition

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Glenn Reynolds has written a piece that explains quite a bit about how Donald Trump has managed to attract so much support:

[W]hen "respectable" people won't talk about things that a lot of voters care about, the less-respectable will eventually rise to meet the need. That's what Trump's doing. And a lot of people are cheering him on not so much because they're fans of Trump personally as because they're happy to see someone finally stand up to the PC bullies.
This is understandable, but, Trump, an enemy of freedom of speech, is merely being opportunistic. The antidote to leftism being packaged as politeness is not thuggery packaged as frankness. I hope we don't have to learn this the hard way, in the form of an unpredictable despot-at-heart in the Oval Office. 

-- CAV

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