Friday Four

Friday, July 22, 2016

1. After returning home from school, Pumpkin surprised me by rambling about something apologetically and even in a bit of a panic. At first fearing she had broken something important, I was relieved when my subsequent investigation showed merely that she was mortified that she had inadvertently taken home one of Mrs. Potato Head's earrings. I assured her that she wasn't in any trouble with anybody, and that we could just return it the next day.

2. I rarely do requests here, but Mrs Van Horn wants me to be sure I have

recorded the kids' respective two-year-old terms for "blanket," so here they are: She'd say, "budubuduh," and he'd say "guicky."

3. Yesterday, before bath time (and shortly after an ill-timed request for a pencil), I got the card pictured in this post from Pumpkin.

4. I think that, ultimately, Little Man has some solid athletic potential. However, he will have to overcome some bad coaching from school, where someone has mis-taught him how to catch. It is interesting to see that, when we play, it's when we either get into a flow, or things become spontaneous, or he becomes interested for any reason, his catching improves dramatically.

-- CAV

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