War on Cops Shifts to Milwaukee

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It would appear that the domestic terrorists of "Black Lives Matter" are at it again, this time in Milwaukee, and with the support of at least two race-baiting elected officials. Worse, it sounds like the police shooting being used as an excuse for the rioting was clearly justified. Proof of that, in the form of camera footage may be at hand, not that anyone could be bothered to wait for it:

One of the suspects was armed with a semi-automatic handgun. An officer ordered this suspect to stop and drop his gun. When the suspect did neither, the officer fired several times hitting him twice. The suspect reportedly had 23 rounds in his gun.

The police department says the officer was wearing a body camera that it believes was operational during the stop and chase. If so, we may be able to get a clear and unfiltered understanding of what happened.

We already know that the dead suspect was an African-American. In addition, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that sources say the officer who killed him was also African-American.

If so, whatever else turns out to be true, we can say that the shooting was not the product of white racism (though I suspect there are unhinged left-wing professors who would argue otherwise).
Nevertheless, rabble-rousers wasted no time assuming the same false narrative that "justified" the rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore. As of Monday morning, four cops were injured attempting to restore order in a riot that included attacks on police cars and arson. And all this, "Aldermen Russell W. Stamper II and Khalif Rainey, promptly blamed ... on alleged 'oppression' of blacks in Milwaukee." The fact that these "men" had absolutely zero interest in even a cursory review of this case, and failed to call for restraint, reveals that this cause is morally bankrupt, and has nothing to do with improving the lives of black Americans or race relations.

-- CAV

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