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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Do We Already Have Effective Drugs for Zika?

Last week, you might have heard news to the effect that several existing drugs might show promise against Zika. Amesh Adalja cuts through the hype and helps us see what that actually means, in terms of several considerations that apply to the use of any drug. For example:

In vitro needs to become in vivo: The most obvious next step to be taken with this finding is to see if it holds up--and provides a clinically meaningful benefit--in animal models. Can effective doses be achieved? How robust is the response in an animal model? Do they cross the placenta? Are they safe in pregnancy (at least niclosamide is)? These are the types of questions that would be pursued with an animal model and provide an ability to gauge the feasibility of these drugs as actual treatment options.
Adalja also discusses "concept of operations," or how a drug might be used. There is promise, but with less drama than many media outlets might want.

Weekend Reading

"Casey Ross of Stat News described a recent study by Dr. Adel Bozorgzadeh detailing how federal government guidelines have created perverse incentives for hospitals to turn away transplant patients." -- Paul Hsieh, in "How Government Quality Guidelines Hurt Transplant Patients" at Forbes

"My experience has shown that the parents who are the most happy are the ones who look at child rearing as a choice and a challenge." -- Michael Hurd, in "Changing Moods Does Not Equal Happiness" at The Delaware Wave

"When they arrive in my office, fighting over money, sometimes I suggest they separate their accounts, if only as a temporary measure." -- Michael Hurd, in "Money in Marriage: Separate or Together?" at The Delaware Coast Press

"When we coddle, hover over, and clear the path for our children, we send some clear messages to them: 1) adversity is an aberration, a problem, something to be avoided, and 2) you are not capable of bearing or overcoming it." -- Lisa VanDamme, in "GOOD: An Antidote to Overparenting" at Medium

My Two Cents

The VanDamme piece mentions a book, Extreme Ownership, which sounds like it could do double duty as a guide to both self-improvement and parenting.

Paper Mashes up Dennis the Menace and The Far Side

Some time ago, and on two separate occasions, a newspaper transposed captions for the cartoon strips mentioned above, inadvertently improving them. Go here for images. (HT: Snedcat)

-- CAV

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