Maduro's Lapdog

Thursday, May 03, 2018

John Stossel, commenting on an American-born journalist Abby Martin, describes her current employer, teleSUR:

Image by RT America [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
"Even well-meaning people here in the United States, I see them sharing teleSUR material all the time," [PanAm Post editor-in-chief Fergus Hodgson] told me.

"They should know that this is a media outlet that is funded by ... dictatorial communist or tyrannical rulers. (If you) share the material, you're sharing the lies of these brutal people. You're also sharing a media outlet that is funded by taking from the very poorest of the poor."

He's right.

Governments, especially socialist governments, like to present themselves as thinking only of "the people," but they have agendas just like private-sector con artists trying to sell you goods.
Stossel closes his column by repeating an invitation to Comrade Abby for an interview. I'll follow suit with a question of my own: Why hasn't Martin renounced her American citizenship and defected to Cuba or Venezuela?

-- CAV

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