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Friday, August 03, 2018

Notable Commentary

Image via Pixabay.
"Given the benefits of free trade, the best policy any government can adopt is unilateral free trade (with other non-enemy governments), which means: free trade regardless of whether other governments also adopt freer trade." -- Richard Salsman, in "Protectionism as Mutual Masochism" at Intermarket Forecasting.

"[T]he best one can say is that the court unintentionally protected the baker's rights. " -- Don Richmond, in "Letter: Understanding the Nature of Rights" at Naples Daily News.

"Opening immigration does not necessitate opening citizenship." -- Bob Stubblefield, in "Letter: Immigration Foes Should Learn From Civil Rights Movement" at The Aiken Standard.

"We shouldn't just wait passively for [the dollar to collapse], we should change course if possible." -- Keith Weiner, in "The Great Reset" at SNB & CHF.

"Proponents of free-market health reforms will need to persuade voters based on moral grounds, not just economic reasons." -- Paul Hsieh, in "Why the Idea of Single Payer Heath Care Won't Die" at Forbes.

"My accompanying cartoon has actual comments from Muslims to me, about the Mohammad cartoon contest, and the fourth panel is about an actual Pakistani Muslim politician who wants to Nuke Holland over the Mohammad cartoon contest." -- Bosch Fawstin, in "Muslims vs. Free Speech" at Frontpage Magazine.

-- CAV


Dinwar said...

Regarding the first quote, here's something I don't get: When we want to punish a country, we blockade it--on the premise that cutting trade will inflict sufficient pain on the country that it will comply with our wishes.

When we want to boost our economy we....blockade ourselves. Because somehow that boosts our economy...

Gus Van Horn said...

Yes. Perhaps we should call tariffs "partial self-blockades".