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Friday, September 14, 2018

Notable Commentary

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"We won't find moral objectivity in ever-shifting claims about divine revelations." -- Ben Bayer, in "The Destructive Illusion of Moral Authority" at Quillette.

"[T]he Founding Fathers framed the Constitution, not to implement democracy and sacrifice the individual through 'state and local officials,' but to defend the individual from the government." -- Bob Stubblefield, in "First Amendment Is Defensive Weapon" at The Aiken Standard.

"I don't know if I would choose to be alive after [a civilizational] collapse." -- Keith Weiner, in "Why Am I Fighting for the Gold Standard?"" at SNB & CHF.

"The solution is not to further demonize [illegal immigrants] as carriers of what are not-so-exotic infections, but instead enable them to seek health care if needed, free from the worry that they will be damned back to whatever place they fled because they just want to get a flu shot." -- Amesh Adalja, in "Undocumented Immigrants, Open Borders Are Not an Infectious Disease Risk" at The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

"We continually have to remind our students, our parents, and most importantly, ourselves that what matters is an overall pattern of growth rather than an absolute standard of achievement in any particular area." -- Lisa VanDamme, in "A Trajectory of Growth" at Medium.

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