Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I have noted the similarity between global warming hysteria and other religions here before, most notably Islam, after it was reported that Canadian Meteorologist Timothy Ball received death threats for his heretical views on global warming.

Today, we can count two more such similarities.

First, for the obvious one, yet another parallel between Christianity and the church of Gaia. A hotel in California stocks Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth where most place copies of Gideon Bibles.

And now, for the not-so-obvious one:

San Francisco began giving priority to green projects last year. A developer [of such a project] may have to wait only four weeks to start construction instead of eight months, said Richard Chien, residential green building coordinator with the San Francisco Department of the Environment.
Call me crazy, but aren't such huge delays often the result of the "necessity" of performing an environmental impact statement before so much as a spade turns the soil? Regardless, we see here that a profession of faith in the Church of Gaia will get you preferential treatment before the law -- just like Moslems enjoy legal privileges denied infidels in lands oppressed by sharia.

-- CAV


Jim May said...

Ohh, it gets better

The global warming acolyte and his like-minded commenters here are shocked. I'm not.


Gus Van Horn said...

So Al Gore shows Adam and Eve on a "scientific" graph? Good one.

This would be a lot funnier if these people were the mere lunatic fringe they deserved to be.

What was really disturbing was the following:

"The schism [sic] pretty much ruined the rest of the show for me. His message about climate change and our need to take action was great, inspiring even. However, I am now somewhat confused about the sort of man that is Al Gore. If you're going to be intellectually honest about issues like climate change, than why not carry through to the next logical step and apply this kind of honest thinking to everything?"

He can say this about Al Gore, and yet not wonder whether Gore is being honest about Global Warming?