Friday Four

Friday, August 17, 2012

1. The No Excuse List bills itself as "the best place on the web to learn anything [for] free". That's not quite accurate since it provides links to a variety of sites that do the teaching. Still, it's worth a visit the next time you want to learn about something. Entries include the Khan Academy, various open courses at major universities, and sites that provide fee ebooks.

2. Slate has done people like me a great favor with their compilation of the best photos of Mars since the landing of the Curiosity rover. So go over there if you haven't gotten to follow this story.

3. David Pogue describes a great travelling bag for personal electronics. "[Y]ou just grab the thing off the belt by the center handle (see my photos). The laptop compartment flops harmlessly closed, even if you're in a hurry for your flight. Gravity is now your friend, not your enemy."

4. I've been meaning get to this interview with Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff for some time, but won't at least until after a meeting at noon. But with reader Snedcat's description of it as a "must-read", I feel pretty safe posting the link now.

-- CAV


fred said...

Thank you for this one Gus.

I am part way through the Jimmy Cliff interview, only to read that Tim Armstrong produced and played guitar for the new record.

I am a huge Rancid and Operation Ivy fan. They are the bands that lead me into ska and reggae, via punk rock and skacore.

I probably wouldn't have heard about this as I am much removed from music news and don't really follow the bands the way I used to, but I will be buying this album immediately.

And it is a great interview. Thanks for the tip!

Gus Van Horn said...

Glad you liked it Fred, but the real thanks go to Snedcat, who has introduced me to much of the music I like.

Snedcat said...

I'm glad sending Gus the link to the interview actually steered someone to the album. It's a good one. And yes, the interview's good too: A small set of interesting and informed questions without filler.

I'll add that it's often not a good use of your time to read the comments at AV Club and this interview is a good example, but I have to say the last comment (as of today) made me laugh out loud: "did you ever get laughed out of a video store because you asked for 'The Harder They Come' & everybody thought it was a porno? Please tell me I'm not the only one." Yes, well, video clerks learn their regular customers' tastes in movies pretty quickly.

Gus Van Horn said...

Heh! I STILL haven't got to the interview, so I have to say that I ALSO look forward to the album.

With the baby's nap schedule shifting, I can now often listen to music while cooking for the week on Sunday afternoon...

Snedcat said...

Yo, Gus, you write, "Heh! I STILL haven't got to the interview, so I have to say that I ALSO look forward to the album."

Here's a fine taste for you:

Gus Van Horn said...

Thanks again!