8-18-12 Weekend Reading

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Long night. Little sleep. Don't ask.

Without further ado, the good stuff...


"Even if you're 'stuck' with a dishonest co-worker or landlord, it doesn't follow that you have to become like them. Instead, you can simply hold them accountable for their actions by refusing to excuse them for their behavior." -- Michael Hurd, in "Don't Resent Honesty" at DrHurd.com

"With rare exceptions, [John] Lott says, 'every multiple-victim shooting has occurred in places where guns are banned, reducing the chances that a licensed gun owner would be armed and able to stop the shooter.'" -- Richard Salsman, in "To Deter Gun Slaughters, the Federal Government Must Cease Disarming the Innocents" at Forbes

"The lawsuit against Regenerative is precedent-setting, because the FDA is, in effect, applying drug manufacturing standards to the use of your own bodily cells." -- Keith Lockitch, in "Will FDA Choke off Promising Adult Stem Cell Research?" at The Daily Caller

"Even if we leave aside Ryan's Catholic dogma about souls and embryos, which Rand completely rejected, and focus only on the economic issues for which Ryan is most known, the differences remain stark." -- Don Watkins, in "Ryan, Rand, and Rights" at The Daily Caller

"The spirit of America, [Rand] held, is open to any individual willing to think." -- Don Watkins, in "Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged: a Paean to American Liberty" at The Guardian

-- CAV

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